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One of the most important relationships in the human body is the one between the function of your spinal column and your overall health and well being.  Your spinal column not only houses and protects your delecate spinal cord but provides constant information neurologically to your brain.  Movement, position and quality of your vertebrae and spinal joints are at the very core of the expression of health and well being.  disharmony, disrhythm and interference to the normal transmission between your brain and your body is called a spinal subluxation.  As a Chiropractor our primary goal is to identify and assist in the correction of spinal subluxations as well as educate you in the proper care and lifestyle to have the highest level of health possible.  

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Some estimates put the healing art of acupuncture at 7000 years old.  In fact some theorize that it is a form of an innate practice of bringing balance back to the electromagnetic  system of the body which promotes healing from a cellular level.  This electromagnetic energy which is referred to as "Chi" runs along 12 main channels on the body called "Meridians."  Acupuncture brings the system back to balance through a system that identifies and addresses areas of excess and deficiency in the human body and helps with many issues from aches and pain to headaches, infertility, digestive issues and stress reduction.  Please contact us to see if Acupuncture would be right for you.  

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Nutrition& Hormone testing

The human body is amazing.  We can run, regulate, coordinate and heal ourselves; as long as we get what we need and avoid the things that we do not.  Unfortunately we have never been as far away from our natural selves and our basic requirements than we are today.  The amount of toxicity is over-burdeonsome, our  need to rely on drugs and pharmaceuticals is at an all time high, we are overfed and yet undernourished, we are terminally sedintary and addicted to media and the news.  This keeps us in a perpetual state of survival also known as fight or flight.  This breaks down our bodies, alters hormones and promotes illness and disease. Our philosophy is to identify your biochemical dysfunctions and imbalances and base care from data and actual levels not by guessing or misguided treatment.